Tinkerframe ZM12 – Replacement lid Upgrade for Zoo Med 12×12 terrarium


ZM12 – Fits Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium 12×12 front opening terrariums (NT-1, NT-2 and NT-2P)

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These are 3D printed replacement/upgrade lids that we have designed to fit the Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium 12x12x12 and 12x12x18 and Zoo Med Paludarium 12x12x24 front opening terrariums (NT-1, NT-2 and NT-2P). They will not fit any other brand of tank. Check our shop for the Exo Terra fitting series of lids.

The lid is printed in one piece and comes to you preassembled with the 8″x10″ acrylic installed and the mesh built into the frame front and back. The mesh is tarantula safe and prevents fruit flies from escaping. These lids are designed to be a more all-in-one lid. The lid also has a hole in the front center and two holes in the back corners. They come with a flush, screw-in plug. You can purchase a feeder screw cap, or misting nozzle adapters as well in our shop and swap them in where the plugs reside. You can also optionally purchase solid inserts that can block the airflow through the mesh from the underside for those who need high humidity. If your tank has extremely high humidity you might need to swap out the acrylic for glass if you find the acrylic starts to warp.

The latch locks work very simply. Push them gently towards the center to unlock the lid. Push them gently away from the center to lock the lid.

Please check us out at C&M Terrariums on Facebook for more information. Terrarium NOT included. If you need to order a large number of lids contact us first as I can create a listing for you with the correct shipping price for a large order.

We also sell other lids to fit other Zoo Med tanks as well as the Exo Terra series in our shop, and will have other sizes and lids for other brands available in future, so please feel free to follow us.

Contact me directly if you want to do a large order or have questions.  We ship internationally via our Etsy shop.

If you need something customized for your lid, you can contact us. We MAY be able to accommodate your request, possibly even for free if it isn’t something that will take me long. Possibly for a fee if it will take a little time.

Tom’s Big Spiders uses and loves our lids.

Additional information

Weight 241 g
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 1 in
Feeder Cap

No, Yes

Solid inserts

No, Yes

Misting Nozzle Adapters

None, Pack of 2