18F lid – Single Vents aka Front OR Back vents – Fits Exo Terra Frogs & Co 18×18 terrariums – Previous Design


18F lid – Single Vents aka Front or Back vents – Fits Exo Terra Frogs & Co “18”x”18″x”18″ and “18”x”18″x”24″ terrariums.

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Note:  This is not our most current design.  Only order this lid if you are needing to match previous lids that you ordered, as this one is more expensive and harder to assemble and will take longer to ship.  Please look for the 18FT instead.

A 3D printed configurable replacement lid to upgrade your Exo Terra Frogs & Co Dart Frog (18″ x 18″x 18″) or Tree Frog (18″ x 18″ x 24″) terrarium (these tanks have a single door rather than a double door).  This lid has one vent section which you can choose to place on the front or the back.  The lid comes as a KIT that you can assemble easily within a few minutes or so but you will need to get your own glass. The opening for the glass is 15 7/16″ x 13 1/2″.  Due to the logistics of shipping glass, we DO NOT include the glass at this time.  This glass will have to be cut to size, so you will need to purchase it yourself in order to use this lid.  Some hardware stores like Lowe’s will cut glass for free.  There is 5mm of lip, so if you want to cut it 1/16″ or so smaller than the opening it will still fit. We do not suggest using acrylic because it is slightly flexible and may warp and we feel like with a lid this size you need something more solid.  Because of the nature of our design, multiple glass thicknesses can be used including standard 3/32″ as well as 1/8″. When handling freshly cut glass please be careful as the edges can be quite sharp. Sanding the edges with a fine grit sandpaper is advised for safety.

Each vent section comes with three screens which are 3D printed plastic so they won’t rust and won’t catch any critter toes.  The three vent ‘ports’ in each section make it possible to change screens to control humidity and more. Three mesh screens come standard, but if you would like solid screens (which allow no airflow) select that option.  If you want a mix or some with misting nozzle holes, please leave a note in the personalization section saying what you would like.  You would need to say if you want mesh or solid, and if you want no hole, center hole or side hole for each screen. We sell extra vent inserts in our shop if you want additional ones.

Each lid comes as a kit which you will need to assemble.  The pieces snap together and come with instructions.  There may also an assembly video you can view if needed.

Terrarium is NOT included.

We also sell the Nano 8×8, Mini 12×12, Small 18×18, Medium 18×24, and Large 36×18 lids. We will have other items and lids for other brands available in the future, so please feel free to like our shop and follow us.

If you need something customized for your lid, you can contact us. We MAY be able to accommodate your request, possibly even for free if it isn’t something that will take me long. Possibly for a fee if it will take a little time.

If you need lighting we recommend a custom light from Spectral Designs. This is not included but is recommended if you need lighting as it’s one of the best options out there. You can custom order it to fit our lids.

***If you can’t quite get the vent variation you want from these options just pick the closest and leave a note saying what you’re wanting. Use the Personalization section to let me know exactly what you want if it isn’t just three of the same type. I can do any combination of vent types you want.***

Each lid comes as a kit which you will need to assemble.  The pieces snap together and come with instructions.

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