Large 36e lid – Single Vents aka Front OR Back vents – Fits Exo Terra 36×18 terrariums – Previous design


Large 36e lid – Single Vents aka Front or Back vents – Fits Exo Terra 36×18 terrariums

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Note:  This is not our most current design.  Only order this lid if you are needing to match previous lids that you ordered, as this one is more expensive and harder to assemble.  Please look for the ET36 instead.

These are 3D printed replacement lids that we have designed to fit the Exo Terra large front opening terrariums that are 36″ wide by 18″ deep (height can be 12″, 18″, 24″ or 36″). This is a KIT which includes everything needed except the glass and will be assembled by you. This lid has one vent section which you can choose to place on the front or the back, which holds 6 vent inserts.

The terrarium is not included.

The lid DOES NOT come with the necessary glass center. Because of the cost and logistics involved with shipping glass, we are not offering that currently, so you will need to purchase your own glass and get it cut to fit. Lowes will typically do this for free. When handling freshly cut glass please be careful as the edges can be quite sharp. Sanding the edges with a fine grit sandpaper is advised for safety. Glass size needed is listed below.  We do not suggest using acrylic because it is slightly flexible and we feel like with a lid this size you need something more solid.  Because of the nature of our design, multiple glass thicknesses can be used.

The glass needed for the single is 13 7/8″ x 33 11/16″.  That is the size of the window, so you don’t want it any larger.  You could get away with 1/16″ smaller, and for easy fit that is suggested.

The vent inserts can be printed mesh, solid (no air through), and with or without misting nozzle holes as specified by buyer. There are 6 inserts per vent section. By default they are mesh, so please specify if you want anything different. If you want solid vents (NO ventilation through these) specify Solid. If you want any with misting nozzle holes, or a mix of solid and mesh, note in the Personalization section what you want.   We have inserts with misting nozzle holes that are in the center or off to the side, and they can be mesh or solid. We can also make special sized holes as needed. Our mesh vents are printed plastic and are safe for tarantulas and fine enough that fruit flies can’t get through.  You would need to say if you want mesh or solid, and if you want no hole, center hole or side hole for each insert.

Each lid comes as a kit which you will need to assemble.  The pieces snap together and come with instructions.  There may also be an assembly video you can view if needed.

Better pictures will be posted at some point.

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 18 × 4 × 4 in

All Mesh, All Solid, Other


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