Small ET18 lid – Fits Exo Terra 18×18 terrariums – New Design!


Small ET18 lid – Fits Exo Terra 18×18 terrariums


These are 3D printed replacement lids that we have designed to fit the Exo Terra Small 18″x18″x12″, 18″x18″x18″, 18″x18″x24″ and 18″x18″x36″ front opening terrariums. The lid comes as a KIT that you can assemble easily within a few minutes or so but you will need to get your own glass.

This is a KIT which includes everything needed except the glass and will be assembled by YOU.

With our New Design (ET series), the lid comes in 4 main pieces. There is a bar for each side, The front and the back have our fine printed mesh built into the frame. The 4 bars all snap together to make the frame. The glass (not included) is secured in place via plastic pressure tabs. These lids are designed to be a more all-in-one lid than our previous design.

The lid also has a hole in the the front center and back center and in each back corner as well. Each hole comes with a flush screw-in cap. The hole can be used with our optional misting nozzle adapters to have a standard sized misting nozzle pass through perfectly.  You may also optionally purchase a feeder cap from our shop to use the hole as a way to easily pass food or water into your tank.  The holes in the back corners are over the tank cord cutouts so could also be used to pass cords through.  Or you can just keep them capped. You can also optionally purchase solid inserts that can block the airflow through the mesh from the underside for those who need high humidity.

For those that have purchased lids form us in the past and want to have all their lids look the exact same, we will still be offering our Legacy series (E series) here on our website.

The terrarium is not included.

The lid DOES NOT come with the necessary glass center. Because of the cost and logistics involved with shipping glass, we are not offering that currently, so you will need to purchase your own glass and get it cut to fit. Lowes will typically do this for free. When handling freshly cut glass please be careful as the edges can be quite sharp. Sanding the edges with a fine grit sandpaper is advised for safety. The opening for the glass is 14″ x 16″. You will need to get glass cut to fit. There is a 5mm lip so we suggest you cut the glass 1/16″ smaller than the opening since it can be a tiny bit too small but not too big. We suggest glass be cut 13 15/16″ by 15 15/16″.  The glass is held in with the included tabs.

A variety of glass thickness can be accommodated. Standard 3/32″ regular glass works fine. You can also use 1/8″ glass or tempered glass if desired. Most just use standard 3/32″ glass from the hardware store.

Our mesh vents are printed plastic and are safe for tarantulas and fine enough that fruit flies can’t get through.

Also please be sure that your Exo Terra isn’t one of the very old models that had a different latching system for their lid. Your terrarium needs to have the half circle latches on top for our lid to fit. This rarely is an issue as they changed this style quite a while ago, but there are still some old terrariums out there.

If you need something customized for your lid, you can contact us. We MAY be able to accommodate your request, possibly even for free if it isn’t something that will take me long. Possibly for a fee if it will take a little time.

Our lids do not come with cord cutouts on the back bars, but with the included holes, you could pass cords through them.

Each vent section comes with a fine mesh built in which is a 3D printed plastic so they it won’t rust and won’t catch any critter toes and won’t allow fruit flies to escape.  If you need to maintain high humidity and would like solid screens (which allow no airflow) you can purchase the solid vent insert kit.  If you want to install misting nozzles you can purchase our misting nozzle adapters.  Additional adapters and feeder caps are also available separately.

Additional information

Weight 383 g
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 2.5 in
Solid inserts

No, Yes


Not Included

Misting Nozzle Adapters

None, Pack of 2

Feeder Cap

No, Yes