Discounted Tight Fit Nano ET8 lid – 8×8 – Fits Exo Terra Nano terrariums – New Design!

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Nano ET8 lid – 8×8 – Fits Exo Terra Nano terrariums – Discounted due to Tight Fit

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These are discounted because there was a mistake and they ended up being a bit longer in the front than they were supposed to be.  They can still fit on the tank, but they are tight fitting.  These are not for someone who takes the lid off their Nano tank very often.  When paired with the Feeder cap, you may find these to be a great lid for you.  But they are a tight fit so that is why they are discounted.  When placing it on the tank, I found putting the front in first and then pushing the back in was fairly easy.  It doesn’t seem to work as well if you try to put the back in first and then the front.

Updated design! If you really want our previous design because you need your tanks to all look identical, you can still order them on our site, but they will take longer to ship.

These are 3D printed replacement lids that we have designed to fit the Exo Terra Nano 8x8x8 and 8x8x12 front opening terrariums. The lid comes preassembled (our larger lids do not except our Mini). The lid comes with a 5×7 acrylic sheet installed, but you can swap in a 5×7 glass instead if you need to later. Terrarium NOT included.

The lid has one vent section along the front and one along the back. There is one hole in the center of the front which comes with a screw in plug. A feeder screw cap can be purchased as well for those that want to be feed or water without opening their enclosure. The hole can also be used to allow a misting nozzle to pass through.

These lids will only fit the Exo Terra Nano terrariums and will not fit other similar sized brands.  We will have specific lids made for other brands in future.


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Weight 118 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 1 in

With acrylic

Feeder Cap

No, Yes