Nano lid – 8×8 – Fits Exo Terra Nano terrariums – Previous Design


Nano lid – 8×8 – Fits Exo Terra Nano terrariums

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**Note: This is our Legacy design.  This is an older model.  We will still offer this as some of our customers may want all their lids to match and have purchased our lids in the past.  We do not plan to keep these stocked so they will take longer to ship as they will be made to order and will cost more.  If you don’t need the older design, please order our new design.  **

These are 3D printed replacement lids that we have designed to fit the Exo Terra Nano 8x8x8 and 8x8x12 front opening terrariums. The lid comes assembled.  The lid comes with a 5×7 acrylic sheet, but you can switch to use 5×7 glass instead if you need to.  Terrarium not included.  These are safe for tarantulas as they have no metal mesh, only 3D printed fine mesh.

The lid has one vent section along the front and one along the back.

We also have a version with a Feeding port. This feeding hole has a screw in cover. You can unscrew it to reveal the hole, which is flush with the top of the lid to make it easier to transfer flying insects into your terrarium. Or just drop in your feeder through the hole and screw the cap back in. The cap, when screwed in fully, fills the hole so nothing can hide up in there.

These lids will only fit the Exo Terra Nano terrariums and will not fit other similar sized brands.  We will have specific lids made for other brands in future.


Additional information

Weight 118 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 1 in

With acrylic, Without acrylic

Feeder Port

No, Yes